Okay, so this post has been under “Draft” for a very long time. Every time I want to publish it something stops me. Honestly, I feel it might be a bit too personal. I fear you have never seen this particular side of me and I might scare you away,  even though I believe every single one of us has their own little inner idiot. What is “inner idiot” you may ask? That is the little annoying voice in our head that is always doubtful, cynical, hurtful… Our inner saboteur. The one voice we believe the most and can’t seem to shut down. However, I strongly believe there is a way to ignore it and find inner peace and happiness. You just have to work on it.

So this year instead of making pointless new year resolutions I will break the very next day, I decided to write a letter to “my Future Self”. This is going to serve as a reminder every time I feel crappy or there is some kind of “drama” in the making. Hopefully, my lovelies, you will like this and will find it somewhat helpful.

P.S I like cliches and strongly believe there is a lot of truth in them. So prepare yourself.

Dear Future Me,

It’s time you face the facts without if’s and but’s. It’s for your own good.

You will most likely never turn in one of those picture perfect girls – there will always be a dorky picture of you eating, talking, or looking evil. Most likely you will continue to stumble over stuff because you never learned to watch where you are going!

I’m almost 100% sure you will continue to use foul language, but please try to tone it down when other people are around you – don’t forget that you are a lady! You will most likely visit the gym 4 times and then get bored because let’s face it – it is boring. But even if you continue going to the gym and lose 1000 pounds, please realize you will never look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, just because your Greek genes are stronger than any diet and so on and so on… But so what?

What I would like to ask you is to smile more; laugh more; dance more; travel more; read more; drink more wine; see the people you love more often; wear more dresses; stop staring in the mirror so much; don’t let your negative thoughts control you; take better care of your mental health; don’t sweat the small stuff – everything will always find it’s place. And most of all – love yourself the way you are – a bit awkward, a bit dorky and with all your flaws. The Universe will handle the rest!

I wish all of you a fabulous, healthy and happy New year filled with amazing opportunities, love, and happiness. Love and be loved!
Embrace who you are and kick that little inner idiot to the curb!

What would you like to say to your future self?
Leave me a comment and don’t be shy!
xo Yana
Yana Lambreva

My name is Yana and I’m so thrilled you are here!
I am many things – a curly girl, hustler, a bit of a nerd, emotional, gin enthusiast but most of all – human. Fashion and Visual Arts lover.
It is my belief that a bright red lipstick, a few well-chosen motivational words, and a smile can defeat any doubt and frustration. For the past 8 years, I’ve developed a genuine and passionate love for makeup and beauty as well as fashion. Since 2016 I’m the proud co-founder and Digital Marketing Manager of Flumen LTD – a modest digital and video focused agency. In my spare time I blog about things that make life a bit more fabulous – beauty hacks, lifestyle and DIY.
Welcome to my little Internet space! Enjoy your stay!


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