DIY Bachelorette Party Survival Kit

Summer is here and we are about to dive head first into wedding season so you know what that means – bachelorette parties! Wohoo! A great excuse to go shopping for a new outfit, get drunk, have some fun and go wild with the gals!

However, surviving a bachelorette party calls for some serious planning – no matter if you are the Maid of Honor, bridesmaid or a guest. If you are a guest chances are you are in the clear because most often the soirée is organised by the Maid of Honour. However, any one of the attendees can pull it off. I myself have organised a bachelorette bash and in only 5 days! Even though it was a bit rushed it turned out great and we had a blast.

One thing I wish I had the time for was the preparation of a survival kit. There’s no better way to welcome #teambride to the party than by putting together a fabulous DIY bachelorette party survival kit filled with all the essentials one might need. They are super popular, easy to make and a fun party favor everyone gets. If you are a guest and want to be prepared you can DIY your very own kit just like I did not long ago.

Whether you are having a night on the town or going away on a fabulous trip you will need these survival kit essentials! Trust me!

Miss Sixty Bronze clutch with a mini martini bottle inside


Rule number one when creating a fabulous DIY bachelorette survival kit is to have fun with it! This shouldn’t be a stressful project. If you are feeling stuck on what to get the girls think of what you would like to have with you on the day of the event. For instance – if you are going to be wearing high heels you may want to include a pack of gel cushions and some band-aids. If you are a bit messy (like myself, no shame in it!) you can add a stain remover pen. Tissues and wet tissue paper are a must if you have more emotional babes in the group. Whatever it is make it personal and handy! And if you are feeling extra spendy you can add some make-up minis. Benefit, MAC, Smashbox, Soap&Glory and the isle of death in Sephora have great budget-friendly options.

My personal kit consist of my most used and loved products and serves as a good starting point.

This is what you can find in my clutch besides my keys and phone and what could be included in your own DIY bachelorette survival kit:

    • Soft lips
      I never leave the house without my EOS lipbalm. In my everyday bags you will find at leats 2… I’m addicted!
    • Get your glow on
      Highlighter is a must and the Benefit high beam is the bomb! Nothing more I can say.
    • Concealer
      I rarely carry concealer with me but when I do it’s my all-time-favourite Radiance Reveal by Borjouis. It brightens and conceals beautifully with just one swipe! I think I have re-purchased it three r four times now. It’s that good!
    • Sexy pout
      Lipstick can double up as cheek stain and is a quick and easy way to bring back life to your face – that is why it’s important to always have one in your bag.
      And what better lipstick to have than a limited edition MAC on! And not just any MAC lipstick – a Giambattista Valli one (OK, i know they are no longer available but I need to show it off). I got this as a gift from the fabulous PR team of MAC Bulgaria a few years back during a special fashion event with Grazia Magazine. I’m still in love with it.
    • To have and to hold your hair back…
      …while you are going wild on the dance floor or have a hair emergency!
      Pro Tip: choose a bright hair tie either in the form of a bracelet (so you can’t loose it) or a spiral one for the ladies with thicker hair.

    • A quick pick-me-up
      Nothing says “lady” like having a mini alcohol bottle in your fancy clutch. Well , maybe drinking it in front of strangers on your way to the next bar.
      Pro Tip: Make sure it’s the brides favourite drink.
    • Minty Fresh
      It’s a no brainer really
    • Sweat proof
      I always have a mini Rexona deodorant stick. I find they work best when I’m on the go. A great alternative – alcohol and aluminum free deodorant tissues. Work just as great.
      Pro Tip: If you have a bit of a sweating problem clean the area with the tissue, wait a few seconds to dry and then go over with the deodorant stick.
    • Bobby pins – and lots of them!
    • Band-aids and mini hand sanitizer
    • Ibuprofen or some other kind of pain reliever
      Pro Tip: Don’t forget the Loperamide – not sexy at all but a must-have medicament. We are all human, even when we are strutting around like goddesses.
Flat Lay with a Miss Sixty bronze clutch filled with make up
Whatever you decide to put in your fabulous bachelorette survival kit don’t forget the most important thing – have fun and be safe!

And one last Pro Tip! If you are the Maid of Honour organizing the whole shabang end the party on a high-note – on the next day send either Thank you cards or emails thanking everybody for being part of the event. And if you have any cool photos don’t forget to attach them.

Steve Madden Ireene nude sandals with champagne glass and Miss Sixty bronze clutch
How many bachelorette parties are you attending this wedding season? Are you planing on creating a custom survival kit?
Let me know in the comments! Love to read your thoughts!
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