How to Apply Fabulous Winged Eyeliner
“Never ask a woman with winged eyeliner why she is late!”

If you follow me on Social Media or have been reading my stuff back when i was known as Miss Vendella it won’t come as a surprise to you that I’m obsessed with the eyeliner look. Once I mastered the winged look that was it for my routine! I actually haven’t changed my look in about four years now. The only thing I switch up is the lipstick colour. I don’t like colourful eye shadows and crazy looks so that is why I always wear a cat eye. And why not?

The winged eyeliner adds a pinch of glamour and suits any woman, no matter the age or personal style! (Just remember these fabulous women – Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor. Beautiful, strong-minded talented and with the perfect cat eye!)

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually quite easy to draw a winged line. And since you constantly ask me how I achieve my eyeliner look I decided to share my technique and some helpful tips and tricks. I hope this post will be helpful and interesting and soon after you read it you will be able to master the cat eye.

Before I start with the actual steps I want to pint out that for me the easiest way to apply eyeliner is with the help of an angled brush. I prefer gel formulas. The Essence eyeliner pen and Golden Rose’s dip eyeliner are exceptions. I use those products when I’m in a hurry and need to freshen up my make up look. The are waterproof and have great lasting powers.

I’m currently in love with Rimmle’s gel eyeliner in 001 Black. The brush that comes in the kit is extremely tiny for my eyes and hands, that is why I use an angled brush by Catrice.





Step 1.

Personally I like to start my eyeliner at the outer end of the eye. In order to prevent the eyeliner from smudging onto the crease I apply a light dust of powder or a neutral eyeshadow.

I begin by drawing a diagonal line from the corner of the eye, halfway up toward the end of the eyebrow. This way I achieve the perfect flick for my eyeshape. If I want to achieve a more dramatic look I just make the line a bit longer.









Quick tip: Always remember to apply your eyeliner, while looking straight at the mirror. This way you eyeliner will not look crooked.
If you are a beginner you can start off by drawing the flick with a soft eye pencil and apply the eyeliner on top.
If you have shaky hands or have difficulties moving the brush (tip), put your pinky on your cheek. This way your hand will be steady while applying the product.








Step 2.

In order to create the actual flick I draw another line that meets with the first line.






Quick tip: You are basically creating a triangle shape. I always suggest you do this first – this way it will be easier to fix any mistakes or start over if you are not happy with the shape and size of the flick. Of course you can start from the inner corner drawing the triangle last, but this way you risk ruining your whole eye look if you make a mistake.





Step 3.

Once I’m happy with the flick, I start colouring it in. I try to keep the brush as closed to the lash line as possible so there are no gaps and everything looks smooth and perfect.

I sometimes stop here and just apply mascara. It really depends on what look I’m going for.






Step 4.

As I said – depending on my mood I can continue the line and go into the inner corner. Personally I try to keep this line very thin, because I don’t want it to overpower my eyes.






Quick tip: Move the brush (tip) along the lash line and do not go over it a lot because you risk ruining the beautiful look you have created. If you have extremely oil skin and you want to prevent smudging you can set the liner with black eyeshadow.


And voilà!

Have you mastered the eyeliner look?
What is your favourite formula or product when it comes to achieving a sultry cat eye?
xo, Yana
Yana Lambreva

My name is Yana and I’m so thrilled you are here!
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    Чудесен пост! Едно време се справях супер добре с флик-а, но нещо напоследък не го правя и съм го позабравила. Тааа, мисля, че този трик с четката определено ще ми върне "апетита" за котешкото очо 🙂


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    Благодаря ти за страхотния tutorial! Много обичам, когато всичко е снимано стъпка по стъпка и е добре обяснено. Със сигурност това много ще ми помогне в усъвършенстването на очната линия. Дано продължиш с тези tutorial-и, защото много ти се отдават. 🙂

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    Венделке, изключително качествено приподнесен tutorial, просто всичко пипнато от-до! Визуално, обясненията, всичко!

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