MicroCell 2000 – Personal Experience and Review

If you are a regular reader you know that I don’t usually write about nails – mostly because my nails are in a bad condition and break extremely easily.
I have written only one nail-related article and that was a DIY using press on nails -> “Newspaper Nails – fun, easy and quick!” (one of the few times I have worn fake nails).
I have very oily nail beds and can maintain a decent looking manicure around two times a year since it takes ages to grow out my nails. I have tried almost everything on the market – from the cheapest (Impala, Avon, Revlon, Manhattan) to the more expensive products (OPI, Mavala) and nothing worked, at least not in the long run. I tried applying olive oil at night as well as other oil-based treatments but quickly got bored with the routine.

I’ve been hearing a lot about MicroCell 2000 in the past years, mostly from my moms’ friends who have the same nail problems. As always I was very skeptical but decided to give it a try after considering it about and year.

Side note: I realize this post might sound like an infomercial but please bear with me since I haven’t written a proper beauty post in a while. lol

After using the MicroCell 2000 for about three weeks I noticed a huge difference in my nails – not only were they growing, but they were not chipping as much.
Bare in mind I did not follow the instructions on the bottle (applying on every day and removing after x days) because it’s just too tedious. Instead, I applied it as a base or with nail polish on top since I just couldn’t wait to have pretty looking nails.

The nail polish is easy to apply and remove. It does have 2% Formaldehyde like most other repairing nail polishes. Because of that please make sure you apply some sort of creme on your cuticles before applying the product or just try to avoid touching them with the brush. I’m not exactly thrilled by this but you gotta do, what you gotta do…
The only other thing I dislike about the MicroCell 2000 is that once I stopped using it my nails went back to their original crappy condition.

Overall opinion:

  • Price: It’s OK.
  • INCI: Not happy with the 2% Formaldehyde part…
  • Effect: You need to follow the instruction in order to have the best results 
  • Do I recommend the product? Yes, definitely! This is the first time I see a difference in my nails. I was able to maintain a beautiful manicure for three months and that a personal record.
  • Overall conclusion: Follow the instructions on the bottle, hydrate your nails from the inside and take some kind of vitamins
During my “manicure period” I read a lot about nails as well as pinning all sorts of pretty images with amazing nail designs. I learned some amazing tips&tricks on how to apply and maintain a beautiful manicure and I would like to share them.


  • If you are new at applying nail polish or just can’t get the hang of it just apply some petroleum jelly on the cuticles before applying any polish. This creates a barrier and will help you remove any mistakes without risking the final result.
  • You need only three stokes to get the perfect coverage. One dip in the nail bottle is all you need! Start off at the base of your nail, then go left, then right and then down the center. 
  • Always use a base coat. Most of you will say “Duh” but this was news to me 
  • Quick-dry nail polish dehydrates and dries out the nails
  • Use cuticle oil! I swear by the OPI Avoplex cuticle oil – smells divine, dries out extremely quickly and fits n any bag. 
  • Use hand cream – another “Duh” discovery.

Yellow polish – Golden Rose Selective, Number: 31; Fuchsia polish – SNB Professional Color name: “Teodora”; Dark blue polish – Golden Rose Rich Color, Number: 128; Light pink polish – Flormar, Name: “Salmon Pink”; Mint nail polish – Flormar

What is your favorite nail hardener? And what about nail polishes in general? 

I would love to know!

Stay fabulous!
Yana Lambreva

My name is Yana and I’m so thrilled you are here!
I am many things – a curly girl, hustler, a bit of a nerd, emotional, gin enthusiast but most of all – human. Fashion and Visual Arts lover.
It is my belief that a bright red lipstick, a few well-chosen motivational words, and a smile can defeat any doubt and frustration. For the past 8 years, I’ve developed a genuine and passionate love for makeup and beauty as well as fashion. Since 2016 I’m the proud co-founder and Digital Marketing Manager of Flumen LTD – a modest digital and video focused agency. In my spare time I blog about things that make life a bit more fabulous – beauty hacks, lifestyle and DIY.
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  1. 04-07-2015 / 8:08 am

    Много яки снимки, аз никога не съм имала смелост да направя подобно мазало, ама след тоя пост ще помисля отново..

  2. 29-07-2015 / 3:50 am

    Много интересен пост, защото аз съм от хората с проблемни нокти и ми трябва нещо наистина издръжливо. Искам обаче да си призная, че от всичко най-много ме впечатлиха снимките!!! Шапка ти свалям за смелостта така да експериментираш и "жертваш"… получило се е страхотно, наистина!! 🙂


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