Tried-and-Tested Hangover Beauty Tricks for the Morning After

This post is brought to you by alcohol – the cause, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

Puffy eyes, dark circles, dehydrated skin and don’t even get me started on the pounding headache and nausea. Your body hurts, your feet are swollen from all the dancing and you swear you will never, ever drink this much ever again… Sound familiar?

Pulling an all-nighter can wreak havoc on your brain, body, skin and your diet. I mean who doesn’t crave a Dominos pizza after a night of drinking and partying? I know I sure do! But if you can’t spend the whole day in bed eating junk food and watching Netflix, these tried-and-tested hangover beauty tips will help you look presentable, even though you feel like Death itself.

Party season is here and with the approach of New Years (in like 12 hours) I think it is the perfect time to talk about my favorite hangover beauty tricks that will save your skin and self-esteem.

So what are my special little hacks? The keyword when it comes to hangover beauty is – hydration.

Step 1. Take a shower and use an energizing shower gel

Choose a minty fresh shower gel or a nice exfoliating shower bar. Make sure it does not contain any micro-beads or other tiny ingredients that are not environmentally friendly. Cleanse your face thoroughly to get rid of any excess makeup. (No judgment here if you forgot to take off that waterproof eyeliner and glowing highlighter. I myself have sinned multiple times when it come to my nighttime beauty routine.) Finish up with a burst of cold water for a quick system reboot.

Step 2. Drink water BEFORE coffee

Coffee is know to dehydrate so make sure you drink a cup of water before and after you coffee intake. If the situation is totally out of control and you can’t even make it to the kitchen, take an aspirin or some kind of an

Step 3. Do a mask

Alcohol dehydrates the skin so it’s crucial to hydrate!
Nothing does the job better like sheet masks – a hungover girl’s best friend. There are so many options to choose from!

Some of my favourite masks include:

  • Artistry Hydra-V moisture sheet mas, Amway
  • Apivita Express Beauty Pomegranate Revitalizing and Radience Mask, drugstore
  • Freeman‘s Renewing Cucumber Peel off Mask, drugstore
  • Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Hydrating Coconut Clay Peel Off & Fruit Smoothie Mask, drugstore
  • Dr. Jarts‘s Ceramidin Intense Moisturizing Sheet mask, Sephora
  • Too Cool For School Egg cream hydration microfiber sheet mask, Sephora
  • Garnier‘s Skin Active Matcha mask, drugstore

You can also DIY a hangover beauty treatment using compressed cotton masks. Just add 100 ml of soothing toner water or chamomile tea and wait for it to expand. Another cool option is a homemade avocado face mask that will soften and hydrate your skin.

Step 4. Take care of your eyes

For a more glamorous experience enjoy the soothing and gentle feel of these amazing Coconut oil serum eye patches by Too Cool For School while drinking coffee or puking in the toilet (oh, come on. We are all adults and we have all been there! lol )

If you don’t have store-bought eye packs lying around a great alternative is chamomile tea. Just soak two tea bags in hot water, let them cool for a bit and place them over your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes, or until they start to feel dry.

Another easy hangover beauty trick you can try is placing cold metal spoons on your eyes. This will reduce puffiness and actually help you feel refreshed. Put two spoons in the freezer for about a minute or so. At first it might feel extremely cold but your body will adjust to the temperature in a matter of seconds.

If you are suffering from a severe case of dark circles and puffy eyes (like myself) use a specially developed under eye cream like the one from Remascar – an instant treatment which helps to diminish eye bags and the appearance of dark circles. It’s a combination of clay minerals and a bi-peptide complex which lead to strong skin tightening, a decrease of fluid accumulation under the eyes and a micro-muscular pause.

At first I was super skeptical because nothing that says instants actually is, however, this cream proved me wrong. I use this on very, very special occasions – big events or a business meeting with a potential client and it does help me look more awake and fresh.

Step 5. Hydrate your lips

Pretty self explanatory, is it not?

You lips can also suffer from a long night of binge drinking so don’t ignore them. If you are feeling extra you can hydrate your lips with either a store-bought lips mask like the one from Sephora, or you can just apply a generous amount lipbalm (preferably with bees wax instead of petroleum jelly) or a drop of jojoba oil.

To be completely honest after testing a few lip masks I prefer to stick to my tried-and-tested DIY home lips remedies or use my trusty EOS lipblam.

Step 6. Hydrate some more

I can’t resist a good face mist even if it’s below 0 outside. For a more acne prone skin use Lush Tea Tree but if you have sensitive or normal skin, I recommend my absolute favourite (of which i recently ran out – hence why it’s not in any of the pictures) Eau Roma Toner Water. It’s incredibly hydrating, does not leave a residue and, in my opinion, it’s actually a better alternative to thermal water sprays.

I also make sure to some kind of a hyaluronic acid cream or moiturizer. This ingredient will offer you a hydration support when you most needed. Hyaluronic Acid can attract up to 1,000 times its weight in water and help seal in moisture in your skin.

I recommend two hyaluronic options:

Clinique’s famous Moisture Surge refreshing gel-cream

Clinique recently launched аn improved 72 hour formula version which delivers almost twice as much hydration at the end of the day than it did before. The gel-cream actually helps skin create its own internal water source to continually rehydrate itself. Then locks in all that moisture for a fresh look. I’ve been using the Moisture Surge cream for 2 or maybe 3 years in a row (if not even longer). This is the ONLY hyloronic acid based cream that does not clog my pores and cause acne. For whatever reason my skin reacts very badly when I use hyaluronic acid which is extremely disappointing as I was given an amazing Esthederm serum for testing and thins just didn’t work out. *sad face*

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 serum

Contrary to what I wrote 2 seconds ago I did actually like the Ordinary’s HA serum before my skin broke out. Also it has proven to work on other people and deserves all the attention – no doubt about it! Think this is the first time I am actually endorsing a product that hasn’t worked for my skin, but this is how much I believe in it. Because I wanted to give it a second chance and started using it on my chest and neck and so far I’m in the clear. I presume the pores on my face are causing all the problems.

It has a nice, lightweight formula that dries fast. without leaving a heavy residue. However, you can feel it on your skin as it forms a barrier.

If you are new to the whole hyaloronic acid game I recommend you try either options depending on your budget of course.

So, what are your hangover beauty hacks?
Will you be testing some of mine?

Wishing you a safe, fun and fabulous New Year’s Eve!
See you next year, my lovelies!

xo Yana

Yana Lambreva

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